January6, 2017

We are getting started weaning Isaac off the vent at night. He was off vent since morning of  Tuesday January 3rd and made it up until this morning.

We have been having problems with retractions during the early part of the morning which was helped by giving him O2 and albuterol but the albuterol wakes him up and he ends up staying awake from 4am to 7am! When he goes back to sleep he is good with no retractions. His NP together with pulmonology decided that when he retracts to put him back on the vent with his settings of PEEP of 5 and pressure support of 2. They tried just putting him on the PEEP but the vent is not sensitive enough to detect his exhalation and kept alarming apnea!

As soon as we placed him on the vent this morning his O2 saturations and heart rate normalized and his retractions were gone! Thank God I will be able to finally sleep better at night knowing that if he starts having retractions we can put him back on the vent and he can continue sleeping. God is great and He has a plan for Isaac! What’s Happening