Pictures of Vent Set-Up and Others

image This  picture shows the sprint pack battery disconnected from the vent and from the main cable that goes to the wall. This is the set up when the battery is fully charged. The gray cable goes from the vent directly to the wall.

imageThis picture shows the sprint pack battery charging so you will see the gray cable coming from the vent, to the battery and then to the main cable that goes to the wall.

image Always keep your ambu bag with the oxygen tank. The tank is open but the oxygen gauge is on “0”. This makes it easy for you to “bag” in case of an emergency. You just dial in the amount of oxygen and you are good to go!

image  A spare tank is in the corner of the room. I am waiting for my spare ambu bag to arrive so that I can also attach it with the spare tank. My son has a medication that needs to be bagged into him and sometimes the nurses or myself have forgotten to turn the oxygen tank off and the oxygen has been depleted. So in times when I need to use the ambu bag in an emergency I can be sure that the spare tank in the corner is available.

image I have two mats that I purchased (they are mats for baby bottles) to separate the GI stuff with the respiratory. My nurses and I place dirty or used items in the gray kidney basin in the back and only clean items go on the mat.