Isaac is Home

"The things which are impossible with men are possible with God" Luke 18:27

Isaac was born 1 lb. and 4 ounces Isaac was born 1 lb. and 4 ounces

When your preemie baby comes home after spending 11 months in the hospital, it’s an exciting yet scary feeling. He doesn’t know any other world except the 4 corners of his room . Is he going to like his new room and the different sights, smells and sounds of his home? Will I be able to take care of him? One thing I know for sure was this: I won’t be driving to the hospital and spend 11-12 hours there everyday. My baby was coming home!

Speaking for myself, the best way to beat the scary feeling was to get organized. Hey, there are some things I can’t control but I can control supplies, equipment, setting up the room, and what bedsheets go on his bed! So I focused on calling the DME (that’s the medical equipment company), the nursing care agency…

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